Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Order Form

Hi frenz..
This order form is provided juz for my reminder if saya terlupa your order type and the most important the dateline.
Tp Not really betul2 important for you to fill up. Instead of calling or email me, this order form is more details and clear stated. So, sebarang order daripada anda diharap tiada error or misunderstood.


Delivery Address:

Contact No.

Email Address:

Types of Order:

Plain cupcakes

Deco cupcakes

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Dadih Buah-buahan

Chocolate Truffles

Fancy Cookies


Cakes Layerd/Chocolate Moist (1kg)


Assorted Cookies

Quantity Order:

Types of Delivery:

Own Pick up

Delivery Order

Cake/Cupcakes Flavor:

Dadih/Jelly Flavor:

Muffin Flavo:

Assorted Cookies

Fancy Cookies Flavor:

Type of Frosting:

Design/Theme/Colors/Special Instruction:

Delivery/Pick up Date:

Types of Payment:

Date of Payment:


Put a website form like this on your site.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Order


To place order, kindly call or sms to 019-2668959 or email to, at least one week before delivery. As for bulk orders, one month notice is required.


To confirm your order, please make your payment in full through ATM machine/ Maybank2u once you are requested to do so, I will email or sms to you my account number. Your order will only be entertained once payment is settled. Please inform me by sms or email as soon your payment is deposited.


I accept orders from Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Nilai and also Batu Pahat Johor.

(Delivery charge for Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Nilai- order less than RM100)
RM5 for more than 5km
RM10 for more than 12km
RM15 for more than 25km
RM20 for more than 35km

*FOC for order RM150 above in Klang Valley, Putrajaya & Nilai.
*FOC for order RM250 above in Batu Pahat Johor

Cupcakes Flavor

I have a few flavor of cupcakes to order. They are freshly bake with 100% pure butter to reach the tastier of creamy and freshly cuppies.
These cuppies displayed are without any decorations & normally ordered for Berkat in wedding occasion. Decorated cuppies are different prices. (Please refer to Lovely Cupcakes page)

Plain Butter / Vanilla / Orange/Chocolate Cupcakes + plastic container. RM0.80 each.

Plain Jam filled/cream cheese filled Cupcakes + plastic container. RM1.00 each.

Cupcakes oh Cupcakes!

Dah comel2 ni rasa sayang pulak nak telan. Oklah everyone... these are a few of my cupcakes collection. If berminat bolehla order.
Minimum order for solo cup deco cupcakes is a dozen (size M & L).
Minimum order for mini deco cupcakes plake 3 dozen.
Muai ni kalo order untuk birthday party or office punye jamuan makan...

Yang ni rosie cupcakes. Suitable for wedding or majlis pertunangan. boleh order ikut theme warna...

Here is variety for kids... Sekali ngap je!

About Me...

Hi..... Where am I suppose to start? Flavo or design?
Ehm.. okey, about me first is better.

"Tak kenal maka tak cinta..."

Baking is actually my passion...

Since young i love to disturb my mom doing cakes, cookies, cooking & all such stupid things in the kitchen. Sometimes i feel like wanna be a chef one day. But most of my uncles, aunties and relatives encouraged me on doing engineering/ business. So, baking become my hobby and interest only....

Until the day my mom permitted me to make my own cookies & cakes. Owh!! what a best experience i ever had.... Thanks mom! (Walaupun pada mulanya cume jadi kek yang baling ke dinding tak melekat, cookies yang baling ke anjing boleh koma,) I keep on trying to make my best product from day to day...heheheh.. (My brother and sis are my big commenter. Laser Mouth!)

Since that, I learn a lot from my mom, sis and from course to course. I love to watch Chef Wan and other chef cooking show. (Never miss it!)

4 years ago, I received my first order on cookies Hari Raya.. That's a good start for me lah to involve more in this business. My office mates and friends support me a lot.... THANK YOU!
Jual kuih raya ni masyuk jugak! So start from that I never miss to sell them during Hari Raya until now. Even any festive or occasion, I may recieve the order.

And now i wanna expand my business with cupcakes, fancy cookies, chocolates and pastries.
I am providing a wide range of home-made cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and pastries using only the finest and 100% HALAL ingredients.

It can be a great dish for your lovely occasion or a sweet gift for your love ones...
Try it, And no one will put it at the corner!