Tuesday, November 3, 2009

About Me...

Hi..... Where am I suppose to start? Flavo or design?
Ehm.. okey, about me first is better.

"Tak kenal maka tak cinta..."

Baking is actually my passion...

Since young i love to disturb my mom doing cakes, cookies, cooking & all such stupid things in the kitchen. Sometimes i feel like wanna be a chef one day. But most of my uncles, aunties and relatives encouraged me on doing engineering/ business. So, baking become my hobby and interest only....

Until the day my mom permitted me to make my own cookies & cakes. Owh!! what a best experience i ever had.... Thanks mom! (Walaupun pada mulanya cume jadi kek yang baling ke dinding tak melekat, cookies yang baling ke anjing boleh koma,) I keep on trying to make my best product from day to day...heheheh.. (My brother and sis are my big commenter. Laser Mouth!)

Since that, I learn a lot from my mom, sis and from course to course. I love to watch Chef Wan and other chef cooking show. (Never miss it!)

4 years ago, I received my first order on cookies Hari Raya.. That's a good start for me lah to involve more in this business. My office mates and friends support me a lot.... THANK YOU!
Jual kuih raya ni masyuk jugak! So start from that I never miss to sell them during Hari Raya until now. Even any festive or occasion, I may recieve the order.

And now i wanna expand my business with cupcakes, fancy cookies, chocolates and pastries.
I am providing a wide range of home-made cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and pastries using only the finest and 100% HALAL ingredients.

It can be a great dish for your lovely occasion or a sweet gift for your love ones...
Try it, And no one will put it at the corner!

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